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no he didn he was going to destroy the saiyans himself regardless if freeza did it. once he learned that freeza wanted to do it, he shrugged and didn give a shit and let it happen. he did not ”order” him however, freeza wanted to do it.

however, the real reason freeza kills them canada goose coats on sale is sort of obscure and we get like 3 different explanations. one explanation is that freeza is scared of them teaming up, which makes little sense. it quite clear in dragon ball that if 200 fighters with a power level Canada Goose sale of 10,000 take on a guy with a million, they lose. why would freeza be scared of them ganging up? i can even remember where that click over here Canada Goose Outlet reason comes from, if it actually in dialogue, only in the english version, or what, but i didn see Canada Goose Outlet it in canada goose coats the japanese version and i just watched the namek saga in japanese recently.

the other explanation is he fears the super sayain legend. blowing up their uk canada goose planet means none canada goose of canadian goose jacket them will ever become cheap Canada Goose one. i don think this is ever canada goose store clearly stated in the show as the reason he does it, but he does seem to geniunely express fear once he realises goku actually is a super saiyan. it clear that the legend has previously rattled him and made him paranoid. vegeta claims freeza is scared canada goose uk shop of super sayains but vegeta could be assuming. freeza states he doesn even believe they are a real thing, but then again, freeza could canada goose black friday sale be lying too, so who knows, maybe he was scared of the legend to the point of wanting to make sure it never happened.

the other explanation is the one we literally see. he did it because king vegeta pissed him off. he took prince vegeta Canada Goose Coats On Sale for himself and king vegeta was pissed about it. king vegeta thinks ”fuck this” and attacks freeza with a buy canada goose jacket small group. freeza kills them all easily, and then thinks ”well if their king won obey, what is the use of the rest of them”, then blows up their planet. he never literally says ”i scared of them grouping up” or even Canada Goose online ”i scared of super sayains”.

the history of bardock movie gives some dialogue that buy canada goose jacket cheap contradicts this motive, where freeza says he it outright scared of how strong saiyans can get, because of bardock group being equal to his elites from constantly fighting and getting stronger.

however as far as i am aware, even though bardock himself is canon and was incorporated into canada goose uk black friday the manga and mentioned by freeza, the movie itself is not really Canada Goose Jackets canon, so anything Canada Goose Parka in the movie that directly contradicts the show, can be taken seriously.

so ultimately, be blew them up because king vegeta pissed him off. vegeta states a few times that freeza was scared of super sayains, but that could be vegeta being arrogant, and choosing to believe that freeza was scared of his mighty race, rather than the fact he just exterminated them because they annoyed him.

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Ok, then let just assume Freeza doesn shoot any holes in him at all then, and he just charges a normal ki blast to knock Jiren off. Even if Freeza could kill Jiren, I doubt he would. That risks him being disqualified/erased, which means he can use the Super Dragon Balls. That really the main issue I would have with Freeza killing Jiren that Canada Goose Online I should have been more clear with at the start. It would serve cheap canada goose uk Freeza absolutely no purpose to kill Jiren. canada goose clearance So either he canada goose uk outlet does a quick little torture and then knocks Jiren off, or he uk canada goose outlet just knocks him off at the start. Either way, Jiren doesn die and Freeza doesn lose.

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Purely canada goose clearance sale anecdotal, I know, but my wife and I have noticed a change in behavior when giving one of our children candy with food dye vs. candy with natural coloring. The food dyes also seem to make him break out in hives.

We tried changing his diet a few times, and each time food dyes canada goose factory sale seem to be the x factor in causing the behavior changes and skin irritation. Again, no evidence besides our own observations but he does not have the same reaction to sugary foods without dyes.